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Postcards from Vallo di Diano – Atena Lucana

As also testified by the pre-Roman megalithic walls that enclosed the old residential area, Atena Lucana is the most ancient village of the Vallo di Diano.

It was a flourishing commercial area of the Magna Grecia under the control of the Greeks, with the Lucani its fortune grew and assumed a predominant role in the valley.
Although, it was during the Roman age, when it was known as Campus Atinas, that it expanded. The Roman town had numerous public buildings, among them a paved Forum stood out, this was a prerogative of considerably important towns at the time. The ruins of this Forum and the ones of an inscription of the names of two “quattroviri” (Roman magistrates) were found in 1890 beneath the Santa Maria Maggiore Church, the same place where the Forum rose.
The Saracen raids demolished the town and changed its structure.

Among the several feudatory families who followed one another since the Middle age, the Sanseverino, before, and the Caracciolo, after, were the ones who maintained their domain until the abolition of feudalism.

To visit:
Santa Maria Maggiore Church, preserves numerous and prestigious artworks, including some of Nicola Peccheneda;
San Ciro Sanctuary;
Maria SS. della Colomba Sanctuary, contains works signed by Anselmo Palmieri;
The various Baronal Palaces, Palazzo Spagna with his characteristic portal;
The Archeological Museum, preserves copious relics from the ancient and glorious past of the town.

Testi / Written by : Antonella Granata
Traduzioni / Translated by : Nico William Marrone

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