martedì 20 settembre 2016

Postcards from Vallo di Diano


The Vallo di Diano, located in the southern area of Salerno, is an outstandingly fascinating territory, it contains history, nature, folklore, traditions and hospitality.

This valley was born from a Pleistocene lake, it is surrounded by mountains, including the Mount Cervati, the tallest peak in Campania; while the Tanagro is the river which flows through the valley.
The activity of the water has transformed the shape of the territory and has influenced the lives of the inhabitants of the area, settled here since extremely remote times.

The valuable artistic and monumental patrimony, held by all of the towns of the valley, has made it possible for the territory to become a “centre of interest”, with the necessary territorial protection in order to preserve its uniqueness.

Actually, from 1998, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an assurance of its beauty.
From the earliest ages to the present day we will tell you everything about this territory and its patrimony so as to let you know all it has to offer.

Testi / Written by : Antonella Granata

Traduzioni / Translated by : Nico William Marrone

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